Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet My New B&D SPCM1936 Cordless Mower

Last Winter I did a great job destroying my rotator cuff while splitting logs for the wood stoves in my shop, and as a result I struggled all Summer long with yard work.  Worst of all was my mower, which had become impossible to start.  So over this past Winter I researched electric start gas mowers, electric mowers and finally cordless mowers.  For quite some time I was certain that I'd be purchasing a Worx mower a a companion for the wonderful Worx string trimmer that I purchased a year again, but my research finally lead me to the Black and Decker SPCM1936.

What's in a name?  SP = Self Propelled, CM = Cordless Mower, 19 = the 19" cutting width and 36 = the 36 volt battery.

Here's a link to B&D SPCM1936 cordless mowers for sale on eBay 

Here's a video that I filmed of the unboxing and my first test drive.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

WG789 Worx 36 volt Cordless Self-Propelled Mower

Ok, let's just get this out of the way: Cordless mowers = Crazy talk!

As I started my research of cordless mowers I discovered that Worx made several that were worth a look-see.  I already owned a great Worx string trimmer and even had an excellent experience with a warranty issue, so the WG789 19" 36V Cordless Pacesetter looked like it was the mower for me.  And then I dug deeper...

Everything about this mower is just about a exact match for the B&D mower that I later purchased, except for the "Pacesetter Technology" and "IntelliCut Technology" features.  Pacesetter Technology is an electronic drive system that adjusts the mower's speed to adjust to your speed.  The further forward you push the handle bar, the faster the mower moves, and the faster you mow.

I thought this made sense until I started reading reviews, and man, this feature alone discouraged me from this mower.  The operator has to keep the handle pushed forward, all the while the mower is trying to propel itself away from you.  The results reported by these owners sounded annoying.

"IntelliCut Technology" is a patented technology that is designed to ensure that the mower doesn't bog down when mowing tall grass or mulching leaves.   This is essentially a dial that adjusts the power up for tough mowing conditions.  You wouldn't want to run this mower all out all the time, because it would drain the battery.

I really wanted to try one of these mowers, and I will some day.  All that said, I was still just about to drop 5 bills on one of these mowers when I discovered the B&D SPCM1936.  More on that in the next post

Here's a link to the Worx WG789 Self Propelled 36volt Cordless Mower from Worx's own eBay Store: Worx WG789 Self Propelled 36volt Cordless Mower from Worx's own eBay Store

Here's the official Worx Youtube video for this mower:

Here's a great video from Youtube showing the WG789 being put to the test.